When It’s Time For The Sofa Cleaning, Call In The Experts

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When It’s Time For The Sofa Cleaning, Call In The Experts

When It’s Time For The Sofa Cleaning, Call In The Experts

Messes are bound to happen. Spills during parties, kids bringing in dirt on their clothes from their outdoor escapades and heaping it onto the sofa, pets with their fur and dander, cupcake crumbs that are strewn all over the cushions- they turn the furniture into an eyesore, necessitating a thorough sofa cleaning. It’s the most used piece of furniture in the household- and one of the largest too. This means that its state, whether good or bad, will reflect on the rest of the premises. Where it’s in residential or commercial establishments, ambience is key for comfortable living and working conditions respectively. Since the sofa is cosy, it will be the go-to set for family members at home, guests coming over will be encouraged to “Take a seat and feel at home”, and in workplaces it’s where you will host clients coming over for your products and services. You don’t want them being affected by allergens that are on the cushions, causing reactions like coughs and sneezes, itching, and issues like asthma attacks. The health risks that come with dirty furnishings are diverse, and you don’t want your loved ones or customers being on the line. Scheduling an in-depth sofa cleaning will enable you to maintain a healthy environment, one that you can thrive in. 

You want to come home to a sofa that is clean and fresh, not one that is covered in stains and dirt spots. Not only are they unsightly- which drags down the décor, but they also affect your peace of mind. The messy environment is registered as chaos in your mind, which prevents you from being able to fully focus on your activities around the household or workplace. There are also those thoughts on the pending sofa cleaning chore that keep bugging you. With cases of odours, you are barely able to think of anything else when your nose is being assaulted by foul smells from the sofa. This makes even hosting guests to be a tall order, especially with the awkward questions about the state of things, and how it reflects on your personality. Calling in the professional sofa cleaning team will enable you to restore the charm and elegance to your set. Here is why you should hire the experts for the job:


  • Quality equipment


The professional sofa cleaning crew have the proper tools and machinery needed for the task. This equipment gets to the dirt that is caked into the upholstery, getting deep into the nooks and crevices of the furniture, flushing out the grime. The-state-of-the-art gear caters to the pre-treatment, sofa cleaning- including scrubbing, all through to the extraction. The deeply ingrained soiling and those stubborn stains that have been frustrating you are all dealt with. The suction that is used at the end of the sofa cleaning process removes the bulk of the moisture content, which cuts down the drying time involved. 


  • Deodorizing action


Odours on the furniture make it uncomfortable to use. From those musky smells caused by the decaying organic matter, dyes and sweat that had been rubbed onto the cushions, all through to the pungent stenches from issues like urine stains caused by the pets. The thorough sofa cleaning involved first gets rid of the source of the odour. In addition, odour neutralizers are incorporated into the process, reacting with the smells at a molecular level and making them inert. This prevents them from recurring. What’s more, you can choose to have fragranced products being used, which will leave behind a pleasant scent after the sofa cleaning has been completed. The odour neutralisers that are used are non-toxic, and are safe for the environment. 


  • Handling the different types of upholstery


Sofa cleaning needs vary from one establishment to the next, and there are different materials to be worked on. With professional sofa cleaning services, you can rest assured that your set is in safe hands. Our crew work on the different kinds of fabrics, from  the natural varieties like cotton and linen which are plant-based, and silk and wool which are known for their soft nature, and even rayon which is made using processed wood pulp, to the synthetic fabrics, such as polyester/polypropylene, nylon, acrylic and even olefin. We also undertake leather sofa cleaning, be they nubuck, suede, aniline or semi-aniline upholsteries. Each of the materials has its unique requirements. At the start of the task, our sofa cleaning team will inspect each set of furniture, and come up with the appropriate method of approach- one that will get your set all fresh and ready in moments, without putting its structural integrity at risk. For instance, for the leather sofa cleaning, pH balanced products are utilised, that have been specially developed for dealing with leather. Conditioners are also employed, which restore the lost supplements to the material, replenishing the natural oils. This brings the soft and supple feel to the sofa, and also extends its life, allowing you to enjoy it for longer.


  • Stain protection


Upon request, stain protection measures can also be added to the sofa cleaning process. Here, the furniture is treated with formulations that repel oil-based and water-based stains. This is to prevent those spills from seeping into the upholstery, and also preventing permanent stains from forming. This has the welcome benefit of reducing the workload of furniture sofa cleaning operations. 


A trusted team

With years of experience in the sofa cleaning industry, serving both residential and commercial clients, you can rest assured that your property is in safe hands. We have invested in the personal and professional development of our sofa cleaning crew, and pumped loads of capital in acquiring top-of-the-range machinery to get the task done.  This is to ensure that quality results are delivered on each sofa cleaning session. We are proud of our accomplishments, and aim is focused on ensuring customer satisfaction. In fact, our existing clients are our largest source of referrals, which has enabled us to grow into a trusted local sofa cleaning company. Our crew keep up to date with the developments in the industry, that way the most appropriate methods are applied when dealing with your set.

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