Time To Have Your Sofa Cleaned? Call In The Pros

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Time To Have Your Sofa Cleaned? Call In The Pros

Time To Have Your Sofa Cleaned? Call In The Pros

Sofa cleaning is one of those laborious chores that one doesn’t really look forward to. So much work goes into dealing with the grime build up and stains, and without proper machinery, it can end up taking ages. It’s not a surprise that sofa owners tend to simply vacuum their units, but put off the cleaning for months or even years. However, you still cannot escape the need for a thorough in-depth cleaning. Your sofa’s structural integrity, your comfort and even health are on the line. Here is how you get to benefit when you invest in routine professional sofa cleaning services:


  • Restore the charm to your living space / Time To Have Your Sofa Cleaned? Call In The Pros


A soiled sofa drags down the décor of the house. It makes things feel all cramped up and chaotic. When there are stains riddling the sofa, it can get on your nerves, since they clash with the rest of the colourations and patterns of the unit, and are a constant reminder of chores that are pending. It is more exasperating when you have a busy schedule – packed with your work and social life, and don’t have enough time left over to deal with the humongous sofa cleaning task. What’s more, no one likes coming home to a soiled environment, and it’s certainly not the state that you want your guests to find you in. Having to keep reassuring them that the stains or pet fur and dander on the upholstery will not get transferred onto their clothes can be embarrassing. Those questioning looks from your in-laws who come over, the explanations that you try to give to justify the state of affairs – this is certainly not how you want things going down. Concentrating on your activities also becomes difficult, and even maintaining a normal conversation with your family members or guests will be affected when there are odours emanating from the sofa. All this takes away your mental peace, preventing you from being able to relax comfortably in your own home. A deep sofa cleaning that gets to the root of the problem, flushing it out of your sofa and restoring the elegance of the unit, is key. While the dirt and grime can make you feel like you’re losing control of your home, calling in the professionals will bring back the normalcy, for you to be able to relax and unwind on your favourite sets. 


  • Get a healthier space / Time To Have Your Sofa Cleaned? Call In The Pros


It’s not just the décor that is affected by the soiled sofa. The grime that is accumulating on the unit is a threat to the persons using it. Allergens, pollutants and contaminants on the cushions can get into the body systems of people using the sofa, leading to a wide range of effects. It can be annoying when each time you want to sit on the sofa you keep coughing and sneezing. You don’t your family members or guests having systems of respiratory diseases caused by the dust mite waste or fur and dander that has accumulated on the sofa. Watery eyes, nasal congestion they all interfere with a person’s comfort. Persons with conditions like asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory issue are at a higher risk of reactions and having their conditions exacerbated. 

Then there are the colonies of bacteria that may be on the sofa. These can be anything from those feeding on the decaying organic matter, to those that wind up on the furnishings when there are persons or pets in the household who are ill. Even viruses to are a concern, from the flu to those like the Norwalk virus which can survive in the sofa for weeks. Kids, who frequently touch the different surface and put their hands on their mouths and eyes, are at a higher risk of contracting infections. Sofa cleaning processes that destroy these pathogens are key, protecting your loved ones. 



There were different types of sofas, and each have their own cleaning requirements. You don’t want to be in a situation where the wrong chemicals are used, as it can lead to damage of the material. The different fabrics, from the smooth linen and soft cotton, the luxurious wool to the synthetic polyester – they all have their requirements. Microfibre, leather, velvet sofas – specialised products and processes are required for the different upholsteries, in order to ensure that the dirt and grime have been got rid of without putting the unit at risk. You don’t want your sofa to be affected by issues such as fabric shrinkage, the protective treatments that had been applied onto the unit getting depleted, or corrosion of the fibres. Bringing in the pros, who have the skills and experience needed to identify the appropriate approach for working on the furnishings is key, that way you won’t have to worry about the units getting affected.

We’re here for you

Are you interested in getting your sofas professionally worked on? Look no further. We have a qualified team ready to come to your residence and give your units a top-to-bottom clean. Our customer service team will walk you through the processes, including the different options available for your particular situation. We cater to both fabric and leather sofas. High-performance machinery is used for the cleaning, to flush out the grime that is within the sofa. The products that are used are eco-friendly, and safe for application around kids and pets. 

Our pricing structure has been suitably set to account for the different situations, that way you can get a quotation that is within your budget that will yield quality results. We have been in the industry for years, with our personnel providing the services to both residential and commercial establishments, so you can rest assured that your unit will be in safe hands. With our business being licensed and insured, you are also protected from liabilities in case of any accidents. This is in line with industry best practices. What’s more, our personnel will put in place the required safety measures to prevent accidents from occurring in the first place.

Time To Have Your Sofa Cleaned? Call In The Pros

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