Turn To Us For Your Residential And Commercial Sofa Cleaning Needs

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Turn To Us For Your Residential And Commercial Sofa Cleaning Needs

Turn To Us For Your Residential And Commercial Sofa Cleaning Needs

Is your sofa due for a thorough clean? Perhaps it’s been months- or even years, since you last had it done. Over time, it loses its appeal, becoming dull and forlorn. It accumulates soiling- from dust particles, dead skin cells, grease and spills, the sweat that gets rubbed onto it from the skin, and even pet fur and dander for those with cats and dogs in the household. Deep sofa cleaning is needed to get rid of them. As the gunk builds, odours may also develop. This as a result of the decaying organic matter. You want to be able to enjoy lounging on your favourite sofa, not getting assaulted by stale smells emanating from it each time you take a seat. There are also issues like vomit incidences, which result in odours hanging around the affected area, preventing you from being comfortable on your own furniture. These are not the conditions you want to live in. With professional sofa cleaning services, you will be able to restore the charm and elegance to your set.

Protect your furniture

The dirt and grime that is accumulating on the sofa is a threat to its structural integrity. Those particles are abrasive, being ground against the upholstery whenever someone uses it. Since the couch is one of the most frequently used pieces of furniture in the household, left unattended the dirt can accelerate the rate of the fibres wearing down. Prevent this with routine sofa cleaning. Then there are issues of damage that are witnessed doing the DIY sofa cleaning projects, such as when the wrong chemicals are used for the task. These corrode the upholstery, and cause discolouration. Other cases like overwetting cause the sofa to remain wet for extended periods, bringing about risks of fungi growing in the upholstery. You don’t want such incidences occurring. The thorough sofa cleaning carried out by the professionals will get rid of the gunk that poses a risk to the furniture, using products and processes that are safe for it. In addition, the sofa cleaning formulations are eco-friendly, and meeting the required industry standards. When the cleaning is done regularly, it enables you to prolong the life of your set. You even get more for it should you choose to sell it later on in life, than you would have got had it been in a dilapidated condition.  Moreover, by avoiding the stresses that come with the DIY sofa cleaning, you get to free up your time, and engage in activities that you actually enjoy, not labouring for hours scrubbing stubborn stains and dirt spots.

Stain removal

Are there stubborn spots on the upholstery? Stains form on sofas from all kinds of sources. The most common is food and drink spills. These range from the coffee and tea stains that adhere to the material, to the red wine that spilled from the glass during that time when one is relaxing back and enjoying a show on the TV, and the mind wanders, forgetting that there is a glass in hand. Accidents happen. It can even be blood spots, perhaps due to the kids getting a bloody nose and some of it dripped onto the sofa, or from cuts and nicks. Nail polish drops and other cosmetic items can cause stains which become a problem to scrub off. Our sofa cleaning team will take care of it for you. Do you have a pet? There are cases where dogs throw up medication, and no one likes that dyed mess forming on their sofa set. What of urine stains? Pets may choose to mark their territory on your furniture, resulting in an unsightly spot. Our sofa cleaning services cater to both the basic and the difficult stains, coming with the latest formulations that the industry has to offer.  The tough acting agents break down the stains, and the contents are removed with the rest of the grime.

All-round sofa cleaning and care services

Sofas are diverse. For instance, looking at the material, there are leather and fabric sofas. Leather itself has its types, form nubuck and aniline to semi-aniline sets. With fabrics, there are natural and synthetic varieties for the upholstery. These have their unique sofa cleaning needs. Even looking at the filler, you can have high resilience foam, and memory foam, while there are those that use spring support. With regards to the design, one can have anything from loveseats and settees, to the modular sofas, including sectionals, sleeper sofas and the recliners, which can be either manual or electric. It all depends on the style that is desired by the property owner. There are those who want minimalist styles, which is combined with elements derived from modern fashion trends. The other popular colour scheme is white, complemented by bright colours. One can have a rustic style, or go for the urban minimalist decors. Routine sofa cleaning preserves the look and feel. There are those who go for a Mediterranean style, which is usually known for its blue fabric sofas, designed to set a marine-themed atmosphere. The broad European style furnishings feature luxurious sofas, with artistic elements. From the smooth linen structures, to exquisite and meticulous craftsmanship, they are a popular element for modern families. With the Chinese style furnishing, the focus is on simplicity. Here, there isn’t much decoration, and the sofas work across the seasons. There are also those who want a traditional style, be it Chinese furnishing that draws inspiration from the Ming and Qing dynasties, or the Neoclassical sets with the traditional contours. You may even have a Japanese style, simply featuring wooden art and fabric. To each his own. In order to maintain the elegance of your set, and keep the room vibrant, regular sofa cleaning will be needed, and our crew are here for you.

Budget-friendly services

We understand that you want the sofa cleaning to be carried out without straining your budget. In this regard, we have invested in highly efficient machinery and a skilled team that enables the task to be carried out fast and effectively, minimising on resource wastage and optimising the sofa cleaning process. The savings from this are then passed on over to you through affordable quotations. The pricing also accounts for issues that re unique to your situation, such as the size and number of the sofas being cleaned. 

Turn To Us For Your Residential And Commercial Sofa Cleaning Needs

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