Upholstery Cleaning Matters: Get It Done Right

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Upholstery Cleaning Matters: Get It Done Right

Upholstery Cleaning Matters: Get It Done Right

Taking care of your sofas can appear to be an uphill task, especially with all the risks on involved. A simple oversight like using too much water can cause the upholstery fabric to shrink, or drench the padding with so much moisture that it takes days to dry – and in the meantime allow mould and mildew to grow. The different types of upholsteries also have their varying cleaning requirements. The approach of dealing with a coffee stain on polyester sofas is different compared to handling the same type of stain on silk units, which is in turn different to when you’ve spilled a mug of coffee on your leather sofa. The underlying material is a huge factor in determining the appropriate cleaning method to use, since you want to get rid of the stain without damaging the upholstery fabric. Mistakes made during the cleaning process can be costly, as you can see from many of DIY stories of sofa cleaning gone wrong. Taking powerful cleaners that worked on countertops and floors around the house, and assuming that they will be just as effective on similar kinds of dirt and stains on the sofas, is courting disaster. The fibres of the upholstery getting discoloured, stains setting more permanently into the material, dyes getting bleached off – these are not outcomes you want for your unit. Call in the professionals to ensure that the task is done right.

When hiring a company to take care of your cleaning needs, there are a couple of factors to consider. First off, how long has it been in operation? You’ll be safer going with a firm that has a long track record that you can assess – which includes also looking at the reviews from previous customers who were being handled. Is the company licensed and insured? This is for your protection, since you want to ensure that you’re dealing with a trusted firm, and that you’re covered in case there is an accident while the cleaning is being carried out. What about the cleaning methods that are being used? From dry cleaning, shampooing, steam cleaning operations and other techniques for working on the sofas, which methods does the company employ? Having a discussion about the options that were available when working on your furnishings will enable you to make the right decision for your particular needs. Our team is on standby to give your sofas the care they deserve. Upholstery Cleaning Matters: Get It Done Right


What You Get When You Hire Our Upholstery Cleaning Services 


  • Skilled upholstery cleaning crew


You don’t want to be constantly worried about the safety of your upholstery because of hiring rookie personnel to handle the cleaning. The furnishings are expensive purchases, and you wouldn’t want to find yourself being forced to make repairs or replacements because of inappropriate products or processes being used for the cleaning. With us, that will not be a cause for concern. Our crew is both trained and experienced, and has been providing the upholstery cleaning services to both residential and commercial clients for years. We also invest in the professional development, by keeping them up to date with the advancements in the sofa cleaning industry, including products used and the machinery required. This ensures that you receive quality services each time, and that the grime and stains and got rid of without posing a risk to your units. Upholstery Cleaning Matters: Get It Done Right


  • We respect your time


Our personnel will arrive on time, ready to work on your furniture. No one likes being inconvenienced, and as such, when you book an upholstery cleaning appointment, you expect that the team that will be sent to your premises will be punctual. We are committed to ensuring that this is the case, and provide proper communication all through. In case there is a change of plans due to unforeseen events, this is also communicated in time, in order not to inconvenience you – and this rarely happens as well. We aim to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the entire spectrum of our services, and this includes the timely nature in which they are delivered. 

When at your premises, the upholstery cleaning task is carried out expeditiously. Here, the focus is on delivering the desired results as fast as possible, which is further aided by the use of industrial-grade machinery. A thorough scrubbing is carried out, and the extraction gear yanks out the grime that is in your furniture quickly. The rinsing then follows, together with drying processes in order to remove the bulk of the moisture from the upholstery fabric and furniture padding. This cuts down the drying time, reducing the disruption to your activities, enabling you to resume using the sofa much sooner – within the same day that is has been worked on. Upholstery Cleaning Matters: Get It Done Right



We are keen on using products and processes that will not degrade Mother Nature. After all, the onus is on us to protect the environment around us, for our sake and that of furniture generations that are to follow. Here, emphasis is on using products that have been certified to be safe. Biodegradable formulations that still pack a punch in getting rid of the dirt and grime ensure that the sparkle can be rested to your furnishings without increasing your carbon footprint. Our machinery is well maintained as well, and the entirety of our operations, from the cleaning to the wastage disposable, in line with industry best practices. Upholstery Cleaning Matters: Get It Done Right



You don’t have to go broke getting your sofa cleaned, or compromise the quality of results by hiring substandard services. With us, you get an affordable pricing structure, that accommodates your particular needs and budget, while still ensuring that you get a qualified team that is well-resourced to handle the upholstery cleaning needs. Our high capacity machinery and skilled team enable us to reduce the amount of time and labour required for the task, covering more sofas within a fraction of the time with our industrial-grade machinery. The savings that are made here are passed on over to our clients through budget-friendly quotations. Get in touch with us to discuss a package that will be tailor-made for your specific situation. Upholstery Cleaning Matters: Get It Done Right

Upholstery Cleaning Matters: Get It Done Right

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