Upholstery Cleaning Services

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Upholstery Cleaning Services

Upholstery Cleaning Services

Just what lurks within that sofa? What of the curtains, beds, and other soft furnishings? These areas usually get ignored when the rest of the house is getting cleaned. After all, the dirt and stains are much more obvious when they are on the kitchen countertops, bathroom surfaces, dull carpet and the hard surfaces. Left unchecked, the grime builds up on the upholstered units, which puts the health of the persons on the premises at risk. Take allergens for instance. These include everyday dust settling on this material, to the ubiquitous mite. Dust mite waste is actually of the leading causes of allergic reactions in households. This waste includes the faecal pellets they leave behind as they go feeding on skin flakes plus the dead mites themselves. Once they are inhaled and get onto the skin, they cause issues like sneezing, incessant coughing, skin irritation, trigger asthma attacks, and exacerbate conditions like eczema.  Bacteria and viruses too could have made a home in the soft furnishings. When there are persons who are ill in the household or business premises, it usually results in contamination spreading. This is because some of the pathogens that get coughed and sneezed all over, plus the commonly used surfaces which get contaminated- like doorknobs and light switches. While one remembers to disinfect these areas during the routine cleaning, what of the sofa itself, where no doubt the sick individual spent plenty of time resting on? These need to be addressed too. As such, a thorough sanitization is part and parcel of the cleaning process.

Benefits Of Expert Upholstery Cleaning Services


  • Get rid of stains


Are the coffee spills on your favourite sofa? Perhaps there was a party in your residence, and some wine or beer ended up on the upholstery. In entertainment joins like clubs, this is far more common, with the revellers leaving behind unsightly stains that needed to be attended to. Grease spots be it from food smudges or you’ve just come from changing your car’s engine oil, and some of the oil ends up being rubbed against the seat, food smudges, mustard and ketchup, that take-out that you brought home with you or the snacks your employees are enjoying in the break room- the resultant spills create messes that ruin the interior space. Do you have kids? The young ones are notorious for grabbing marker pens and making doodles all over the upholstery. Pets, on the other hand, can leave behind urine stains that set into the material. Inkblots, blood from nicks and cuts, that nail polish which poured onto the soft furnishings as you were preparing yourself- you want it to be got rid of. Our crew use highly effective solutions to dissolve these spots. They remove both water-based and oil-based stains that are ruining your upholstery, restoring the beauty to your sets.


  • Remove odours


When your pets come back from their outdoor escapades, they bring in dirt and debris. The soft upholstery material readily absorbs the smells in these elements. That organic residue within the furnishings, ranging from food smudges to the body husks and droppings of the insects and rodents that come out to feed on them, begins decomposing, adding to the musky smell. Then there are those pungent stenches that will render the sofa unusable- like those resulting from pet urine stains. The odours permeate through the interior space, affecting the comfort of the persons on the premises. This is resolved when the cleaning is carried out. First, the source of the odours is eliminated. The products and systems used reach deep into the material, extracting the gunk. Odour neutralisers then come into play, tackling those molecules floating about and fouling up the interior space. They are made inert, freshening up the affected rooms. Additionally, fragranced solutions can also be used, leaving behind anything from a peachy or orange scent to a flowery fragrance that accentuates the indoor decor. All this is done without putting the upholstery material at risk. Our crew employ products and processes that will be safe for your particular unit.

Sloped arm sofas where the gentle slope of the set gives it a more open feeling and you can have a casual or formal look depending on how you have upholstered your sofa;  the Belgium roll up sofa which has a less bulky look and often comes with natural textile upholstery with a neutral tone; the English roll arm sofa with its loose cushions on the bottom and tight back; the minimalist designs such as the sofas that don’t have arms, and styles vary from the Chesterfield style where the back is tufted, to those with a mid-century modern structure;  others that have a wooden frame for the arms and are typical in dens and offices where one is less likely to lie down, but still have the back of the sofa being upholstered; tuxedo sofas with its distinctive silhouette where the back and arms have the same height; to the camelback sofas that come with a casual texture to make it less formal, or have it upholstered in luxurious fabric- we will give the various installations in your premises a thorough clean.


  • Enhance your peace of mind


Do you dread having guests over because of the state of the furniture? Whether they’ve called beforehand or there is an unexpected knock at the front door, it can be embarrassing when your guests walk in and find the place in a mess. From your friends and family, those who are keen on detail like the in-laws, to that dashing date who you have been trying to impress, they will be sure to notice the state of affairs. You want your guests to “feel at home” when you invite them to take a seat, not have them start asking if the pet fur or wine stains on the upholstery will get transferred onto their clothes. You don’t want your guests grimacing in discomfort due to the odours pervading their nostrils. In fact, with odours, normal conversation becomes difficult since they can’t be ignored. The in-depth cleaning carried out by our crew ensures that you won’t have to worry about any of that.

Upholstery Cleaning Services

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