The Value You Get From Upholstery Cleaning Services

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The Value You Get From Upholstery Cleaning Services

The Value You Get From Upholstery Cleaning Services

As you tend to the other surfaces and items in your home, it is important that you get the sofa cleaned and maintained as well. Given that it witnesses lots of use – after all, it is one of the most popular sets of furniture in the household – it accumulates loads of grime. The sweat that gets rubbed off from people’s skin onto the upholstery, pet fur and dander for those with cats and dogs in the household, crumbs from those snacks that one was enjoying while on the sofa, that wine glass that tips over as you cosy up to your significant other during date night, to the milk and yoghurt spills that are typical in homes with children – they all make a mess on the furniture. Having a routine cleaning program in place is key for different reasons, including:


  • Prolonging the life of your sofa


When neglected, the accumulating dirt and grime on the sofa gradually reduce its lifespan by causing wear and tear. Over time that elegant looking sofa becomes a pale shadow of its former self. The organic residue that is on the sofa is also a magnet for gritters and even rodents, which accelerate the damage. You don’t want a situation where you have roaches scurrying around the sofa or mice trying to pry out the food particles that are stuck in between the cushions. It contributes to the deterioration of the unit, and you end up being forced to dig deeper into your wallet to have repairs carried out. On the other hand, with regular upholstery cleaning sessions, the sofa gets to last for long, sticking with you as you raise your kids and even more from one house to another. You also get a better deal for it should you choose to sell it later on, like through a yard sale when moving out. 


  • Preserving the décor of the space


It took you time, money and lots of sweat to set up the décor that suits your style and accentuates your personality, and the furniture selection was no doubt a part of this. It can be frustrating to watch your efforts getting watered down because of the grime and stains that are on the sofa, which reflects negatively on the rest of the room. On the other hand, a routine sofa cleaning schedule will keep your unit in top shape, pleasing to the family members and impressing the guests who have come over. This also means that you won’t find yourself facing awkward questions from friends and relatives about the state of affairs, and instead get compliments about the beauty and elegance of your home. Speaking of which, in case you’re preparing for an event, such as a birthday graduation or even retirement party family get together or monthly book club meeting in your home, including a thorough upholstery cleaning as part of the pans will enable you ensure that your guests will be comfortable, and you as the host will be confident. Don’t be forced to cancel plans because of being afraid about how the state of the premises will reflect on you, since you may have been prevented from carrying out a top-to-bottom clean because of your busy schedule. The professional cleaners are here to take on the task for you. 



They take away your comfort. Body odour, smells from the spilled foods and drinks, pet odours, all through to cases of urine stains where the pungent smell can even chase one out of the room — they all need to be dealt with, and this is part and parcel of the upholstery cleaning process. Here, the deep cleaning first removes the source of the smell. Odour neutralisers are then involved in the process, tackling the foul smells at a molecular level This leaves the cleaned units all freshen dup, for you to enjoy the look, feel and smell of the furniture. 



The dirty sofa is a habitat for all sorts of microbes, from the dust mites to colonies of bacteria feeding on the decaying matter. Pathogens on the upholstery – especially for cases where there were household members who are sick, can be easily spread through the sofa, since everyone in the home uses it at one point or another. In fact, where does one rest while feeling down from the fever, coughs and sneezes? Most likely the sofa, right? Even pets are not left behind, which is why a deep upholstery cleaning is required if you have recently dealt with situations like the Parvo virus affecting dogs in the home. 

Pests also kick in, like the fleas that will hop onto the household members, then hide out in the fibres of the upholstery. Pests like mites on dogs can have their populations exploding, and they will easily be spread through the upholstery, latching onto the fur of your cats and dogs, increasing their discomfort.

Allergens are a top concern as well. All that coughing and sneezing while using the sofa is likely a result of the dust, dust mite faecal residue, pet dander and other allergens that get released into the airspace once the upholstery is disturbed, which happens whenever anyone sits back on the sofa. They can even trigger asthma attacks in affected individuals, while dust mite waste also causes skin irritation and exacerbates eczema for the sensitive household members. A deep upholstery cleaning, where these allergens and contaminants are removed, will improve the air quality of your home and the safety of the furniture. 

For you to derive the full benefits of a quality upholstery cleaning, it is imperative that you get the professionals to do it, not just some random fly-by-night company. Here, be keen on the firm’s reputation, including conducting background checks to see the reviews left behind by previous customers on its site and social media platforms, and even business directories that come with the feature. Ask about the training and certification for the personnel involved, and ensure that you get a written quotation beforehand. 

The Value You Get From Upholstery Cleaning Services

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