When Your Sofa Is Due For A Cleaning

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When Your Sofa Is Due For A Cleaning

When Your Sofa Is Due For A Cleaning

Given that it is heavily used, proper care and maintenance is needed to keep the sofa in top shape. Loads of grime accumulate on the upholstery on a daily basis, putting its beauty and structural integrity on the line. These range from the dust settling onto it from the airspace, contaminants like aerosolised products used in the house where the particulates of the chemicals wind up being absorbed by the soft furnishings, the pet fur and dander for those households with cats and dogs which no doubt enjoy sleeping on the cosy sofa, skin flakes that are produced naturally by people using the couch, the dust mites that are nourished by the skin flakes, food crumbs that are deposited on the cushions as you snack while watching some TV, the insects that are attracted to the furniture by these crumbs- and in some cases even rodents make an appearance, the sweat and body oils that get transferred from the skin onto the upholstery as one lounges back, all through to the occasional beverage spill that soaks deep into the sofa material. The appearance of the soiled sofa- all dull and drabby, with dark spots where the dirt is highly concentrated, ruins the ambience of the household. The grimy soiling wears down the upholstery when people use the sofa, and the spills that go seeping into the furnishings and adhering to the material can damage it. When you have insects rummaging around the sofa looking for the food crumbs, it also contributes to the wear. In dire cases, rodents come scavenging for the food particles, and as they pry them out from the nooks and crannies of the set, their sharp claws and teeth will literally tear the material. You don’t have to wait until things get this far out of hand. With a deep sofa cleaning done professionally, it gets rid of the source of the problem, protecting your unit.

Odours too are a nuisance. In fact, here they prevent you from comfortably using the sofa. Each time you try to sit back and relax, that musky whiff that hits you gets on your nerves. In cases like where there are pet urine stains on the furniture, that pungent smell chokes up the entire room, making the living conditions deplorable. You can barely focus on anything else when there are stenches fouling up the place. The odour neutralisers that are used during the sofa cleaning come in to tackle the issue. What’s more, they are fragranced, that way an invigorating scent is left behind, further enhancing the ambience of your living or working space. 

Fabric Sofa Cleaning

Each of the different upholsteries has its own instructions when it comes to how it will be handled during the cleaning. There are different types. Take natural fabric sofa for instance. These are the likes of cotton, which has been in use for ages, silk which is a delicate but luxurious material, or even wool, known for its comfort. With the synthetic upholsteries, you have materials like the durable polyester, resilient olefin, all through to the lustrous velvet, and those like acrylic which mimics wool. Here, the kind of cleaning product that can be used on the material is key, since you don’t want situations where a harsh chemical corrodes the upholstery, causing it to weaken. Even the water usage comes into focus. For instance, materials like linen are easily susceptible to shrinkage, hence the amount of water used needs to be really controlled. 

The temperature and the pressures involved during the sofa cleaning are also a vital factor to consider, as well as the kind of stains that are to be removed. For instance, the water-based stains and the oil-based stains have various approaches when dealing in with them. The selection that is made  should account for the underlying material, where you want cleaning chemicals that will be tough on these spots, effectively dissolving the stains, while still being gentle on the upholstery material itself. This delicate balancing act is one of the core reasons why DIY sofa cleaning jobs usually end in a disaster. Issues from overwetting the upholstery which causes leaching out of the dyes, and prolonged drying times, to cases where harsh chemicals are employed- perhaps due to the DIY enthusiast looking to tackle a particularly stubborn stain- these can ruin the set. Turning to the professionals enables you to avoid the risk that is posed to your unit, giving you quality results in moments.

Leather Sofa Cleaning

This is one of the most durable upholstery materials. The different types of leather also have their varying sofa cleaning requirements. The types can be broadly categorised as unprotected leather, also referred to as unfinished or full aniline leather, which comes with a soft and luxurious feel; and protected leather- which may have labels like semianiline, aniline-plus-pigment or even pigmented leather.

While the unprotected leather has aniline dye, it doesn’t come with surface pigment. There is minimal or no protective coating- perhaps only being treated with a dirt-resistant formulation. Here, the focus is on maintaining the natural look and feel, with the surface grains even featuring prominently. However, the drawback is that the aniline leather upholstery has a higher sensitivity to staining. Materials like pull-up leather that has been treated with oils and waxes, and nubuck leather- that has been buffed or distressed, also fall under the aniline leather category.

Protected leather has been dyed with aniline and also been taken through protective treatments. This gives these units more durability and stain resistance. There are protected leather units that have thick pigment and polymer layers compared to seminaline units, which makes them more stiff, but have a higher resistance to wear and tear. 

Our leather sofa cleaning team will apply the appropriate products and systems for your set, that will get rid of the dirt and grime that is on it without posing a risk to the material. What’s more, additional measures such as conditioning are carried out, which restore the lost oils from the material, thus bringing back that soft and supple feel,  making the set comfortable and prolonging the life of your unit. 

When Your Sofa Is Due For A Cleaning

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