Why Professional Upholstery Cleaning Is The Better Option

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Why Professional Upholstery Cleaning Is The Better Option

Why Professional Upholstery Cleaning Is The Better Option

While everyone becomes the occasional couch potato every once in a while, no one really likes sitting on a dirty sofa. Due to the amount of traffic that the sofa handles, it is bound to pile up loads of dirt and grime. Those snacks enjoyed while binging through your favourite TV shows, the guests hosted while relaxing on the cosy cushions, those occasional raunchy nights with your significant other where plenty of the action also goes down on the luxurious sofa, all through to households with kids and pets, where spills and stains are common – dirt continues accumulating. Despite the high penchant for soiling, the sofa often gets overlooked when other sections of the residence are being worked on. However, the neglect causes it to deteriorate, putting the lifespan of your unit at risk.

Are there stains that are taking the appealing look and feel of your sofa? Perhaps you’re carrying out the springing cleaning, and you want the sofa to also be worked on. Dealing with troublesome urine stains on your unit? Gearing up for an event, in which you want the residence to be ready for? Are you looking for routine sofa cleaning services? Whichever the case, it is recommended that you hire a professional to do it. Even the sofa manufacturers tend to include this as part of their warranty terms, due to the amount of risks that are involved in the process. Here is a look at how you stand to benefit when you get the professionals to lean your sofa:

Advantages Of Professional Couch Cleaning Services

  • Get it done right

Getting the sofa clean is not a simple matter of sloshing some detergent on the dirt and scrubbing away. The different types of upholsteries (silk, polyester, leather, acrylic, etc.) have their different requirements. The proper cleaning solution is needed otherwise you will end up damaging the upholstery. This is especially when targeting those troublesome dirt spots and stains, where the DIYers usually go for harsh cleaning agents that worked on countertops, floors and other surfaces around the household. These can corrode the upholstery, bleach out the dye, and cause irrevocable damage to your unit. On the other hand, the professional comes with plenty of experience – with the personnel having been trained on the different aspects of the job, and having been in the industry for years. This enables them to pick out the products and processes that will be ideal for your situation, getting rid of the grime without putting your sofa at risk. The appropriate method is used based on the fabric type, the type of stains being dealt with, and the safety of the persons on the premises. This brings us to our next point.

  • Eco-friendly cleaning agents.

Products that produce toxic fumes put the person on the premises at risk. You also don’t want chemical residue being left on the upholstery, as this can be picked up by those using the sofa. Going for professional upholstery cleaning services where the company in question lays emphasis on using safe and sustainable processes enables you to rest assured that the persons on the premises are safe. Thorough rinsing procedures are also required to ensure that both the cleaning solutions and the dirt that was being washed off have been removed from your set. 

Sofa cleaning is a lengthy process, from the pre-treatment and cleaning of the furniture, to conditioning and deodorising the upholstery. Without the requisite skills or powerful machinery needed for the task, it ends up taking far much longer than one would have desired. What’s more, there is plenty of room for error, putting your furniture at risk.

For instance, oversights like using too much water cause the upholstery and padding to get drenched. This would not be much of an issue if one followed through with powerful extraction machinery to remove the moisture from the unit. However, this machinery is usually expensive and not readily available to the DIYers, leaving them with sofas that remaining wet for too long – which encourages mould and mildew to grow. Then there are those cases where water is actually not recommended for cleaning, such as with delicate fabrics which can shrink, or those with leather where the water pushes the soiling deeper into the material. Prolonged drying times also inconvenience you, and it is certainly not the path that you want things taking. 

There are scenarios where too much shampoo is used by the DIYer, or the rinsing is not adequately done. Here, residue ends up being left within the sofa. The residue is a dirt magnet, leading to the upholstery getting resoiled at a much faster rate. You are forced to repeat the cleaning task much sooner than you had anticipated, leading to more resources being used up. What of the risk of unsatisfactory results? it can be frustrating to spend hours on the upholstery cleaning, only for those stubborn dirt spots and stains to refuse to be budged. You don’t have to put yourself through this. Get in touch with the pros to work on your sofa. 

After the cleaning and rinsing, the sofa is certainly wet. However, professional companies don’t leave the furniture like that. After all, wet furniture will take days to dry, exposing you to issues such as the mould and mildew growing. As such, the personnel use drying systems to extract as much moisture as possible, such as high-powered wet vacuums. The reduces the drying time from days to a couple of hours. As such, you can have your furniture deep cleaned, and resume using it within the same day. The minimised disruption to your daily life is a welcome bonus. After all, you really don’t want to be forced to struggle keeping the children and pets off the wet sofa, or having your family members being inconvenienced for days. 

When hiring an upholstery cleaning company, ensure that you’re dealing with a licensed and insured business, and that you get a written quotation beforehand. This will let you know exactly what you’re signing up for. 

Why Professional Upholstery Cleaning Is The Better Option

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