Why Sofa Cleaning Is Vital

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Why Sofa Cleaning Is Vital

Why Sofa Cleaning Is Vital

A lot of time was spent selecting the right sofa for your home. Those days of looking through catalogues, scouring through Instagram and Pinterest to get ideas for your style that you will set up in your home, researching online about the upholstery that will suit your situation- it is an investment. Factors such as durability are also considered. For instance, in a household with children and pets, one goes for units that can withstand higher levels of wear and tear. With regards to style, one can go for everything from casual looks to formal settings. The colour and pattern of the upholstery, neutral tones to the bold designs that grab a person’s attention the moment they walk through the front door- there are options to suit every homeowner’s needs. In cases where the sofa is to be placed close to a window or in a room that receives plenty of sunlight, fade resistance of the upholstery is also key. Mildew resistance is needed for upholsteries in homes located in areas with humid climate. For those cases where allergies are a huge concern, then upholsteries that are hypoallergenic come in handy. By the time you have settled on the sofa of your choice, you will already feel a connection to it, given how much has gone into scouting for it. Then there’s the amount of money spent. Sofas are some of the largest sets of furniture in the house, and they have a price tag to match. You don’t want to watch the investment go down the drain because of neglecting the furniture. With professional sofa cleaning, you get to ensure that it is properly taken care of. 

Enhancing your living conditions

Sofas are core to the interior space. No living room is quite complete without a sofa. They come in different styles and shapes, and tie together the room. Being one of the biggest pieces of furniture, coupled with its cosy nature, makes it the go-to set for the household members. Whether you’re simply chilling with your family and friends, holding a meeting of the neighbourhood watch, kicking your feet up for an afternoon nap, reading a book or scrolling through the blogs you follow, it’s all done on the sofa. Kids play on it, pet sleep on the cushions, and when one is sick and spending time indoors, it will most likely be on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket. All this usage sees the unit build up loads of dirt and grime. Skin flakes that are naturally shed by people, the dust mite colonies that are nourished by these skin flakes, sweat that gets rubbed from the skin to the upholstery, body lotions and hair treatment products that grease up the sofa, food crumbs from those occasions when one snacks while relaxing on the cosy set, the body waste of the insects that are attracted to the food crumbs- there is plenty of gunk within it. Over time, the colour of the unit changes, and it becomes dull. In fact, sometimes it can be so gradual that the homeowner gets accustomed to the changing colour, and forgets what it looked like initially. They notice the difference when going through old family photos that were taken when the sofa was newer. It’s actually common to find sofa owners exclaiming about the difference in the freshly cleaned set due the drastic change that occurs. With stains, on the other hand, the difference is noticed immediately. That patch that is formed is in stark contrast to the surrounding colours and patterns of the upholstery and becomes an eyesore. Liquid spills that are not attended to quickly seep deeper into the upholstery, becoming harder to remove. The professional sofa cleaning crew come in to flush out the grime that is within your furniture, dissolving the build-ups of grime and getting rid of the stains that are strewn all over the unit. 

For your peace of mind

Soiled sofas can be a drag. They foul up your mood whenever you walk into the room, and are an embarrassment when you have guests over. It’s difficult to relax on those cosy cushions when there are allergens that are causing you to keep coughing and sneezing, or concentrate on conversations with your loved ones when there are odours coming from the furniture. The dull and dilapidated state that is brought about by the dirt and grime that is building up in the unit negatively affects the rest of the décor. After all, even with elegant artwork placed up on the walls, a home entertainment system that delivers superbly on user experience, or carpeting that is warm and soft underfoot, when a humongous dirty sofa is in the middle of it all, the décor will take a hit. One even feels guilty whenever you want to relax, with the thoughts about the sofa needing your attention nagging at you. Those awkward questions from your guests, about whether the furniture is safe to sit on- because they dread the stains getting transferred onto their clothes, can be unnerving. This does not have to be your case.  With deep sofa cleaning, the elegance is restored to your set. Our personnel have the skills required to take on the task, and come with years of experience having worked on a wide range of sofas and cleaning situations. They will give your set specialised attention, working on the different units fast, while still delivering quality results as expected. 

How often should your sofa be cleaned?

It is usually recommended that the sofas in the main living areas to be cleaned at least twice in a year. The frequency varies depending on factors such as the traffic that the sofa handles, plus presence of kids and pets in the household. For those working in the outdoor environments and usually bring in dirt and grime into the house, the frequency should be higher.

Here is a quick test that you can carry out to determine if your sofa is due for a deep cleaning: Moisten a clean white cloth will a little tap water. Run the sofa’s arms or back with the cloth. If there is dirt coming off the upholstery, then it’s time you had it cleaned. 

Why Sofa Cleaning Is Vital

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