Your Sofa Didn’t Come Cheap, So It Should Be Protected

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Your Sofa Didn’t Come Cheap, So It Should Be Protected

Your Sofa Didn’t Come Cheap, So It Should Be Protected

When ranking the furniture in your home in terms of importance, the sofa is close to- if not right at- the very top. This is due to a wide range of reasons. For starters, it may very well be the most expensive item in the room. Sofas are pricy investments, whether bought new right from the store, or purchased at a yard sale. The different upholstery materials, from fabric to leather, also dictate the value of the piece, with the more durable and luxurious units going at higher costs. This is one of the reasons why the sofa cleaning and maintenance is vital, to protect your unit since you wouldn’t want to see the amount of time and resources that went into acquiring it getting washed down the drain. The sofa is also one of the most used pieces of furniture. It handles loads of traffic, from the everyday usage by family and friends, the kids hopping up and down on the cosy cushions, to the pets napping on the sofa arm. It is where you take the occasional nap on those lazy afternoons, entertain guests when they come over for a cup of tea, gamenight, or the monthly bookclub meeting. The sofa also acts as the occasional “table” for meals and beverage- which unfortunately tends to result in food crumbs and drink spills winding up on the unit.  

The main allure of the sofa is its comfort. Whether one is watching TV, reading a novel, or snuggling up with their significant other, the sofa tends to be the top choice. The large units even double up as beds when there are guests spending the night. The size of the unit, plus its upholstered nature with the different patterns and styles, also makes it an anchor piece to the décor of the room. It is the unit around which other pieces of furniture and electrical appliances are arranged. The style of the set determines the mood of the interior space, and one can have anything from casual and traditional, to the contemporary and modern décors. This huge impact is also seen when the sofa gets soiled and stained, where it ruins the ambience. You may have elegant carpeting and artwork draped up on the walls, but when the sofa is dull and gloomy, covered in a myriad of stains, it will make a mockery of your efforts to spruce up the room. Sofa cleaning services come in to resolve this.

Why You Should Call In The Pros To Clean Your Sofa


  • Timely process


You don’t want the sofa cleaning job taking ages and inconveniencing you more than is necessary. From your day-to-day life at home, to the operations in your business establishment, you don’t want them grinding to a halt for days because of a process that was too slow, or issues like prolonged drying times where the sofa cannot be used throughout the period in which it is wet. With professional sofa cleaning services, you won’t have to worry about that. For starters, our personnel arrive at your home or business premises with all the gear that is needed for the task. This machinery is not the same as the rental units from department stores. Our crew utilise industrial-grade sofa cleaning units, which deliver a thorough wash, with a high capacity to ensure that the task is carried out effectively and in moments.  What’s more, drying processes are also carried out in order to extract the bulk of the moisture from the upholstery. The little that remains will have dried in a few hours, allowing you to resume using the sofa within the same day that it has been cleaned. This is also vital in preventing mould and mildew from growing on the unit. That way, you won’t have to worry about the staining that is caused by the unit, or the spores that they produce, which are allergens. The indoor air quality of the premises is preserved.


  • Solutions tailored to your needs


The various kinds of sofa cleaning situations need to be uniquely addressed. Different factors come into consideration. First off, there is the material itself. For instance, one may have natural fabric sofas, such as those that are upholstered with wool or silk, or have the synthetic sofa upholsteries like polyester, acrylic and olefin. Here, the sofa cleaning chemicals, plus the temperatures and pressures of the water that are used, will vary based on the material being worked on. Then there is the level of soiling, plus the kinds of stains that are being dealt with. These range from cases where you have heavy build-ups of grime that have been ingrained into the upholstery, to these cases of water-based and oil-based stains riddling the set. Here, the goal is to get rid of these spots without affecting the structural integrity of the underlying material. Tough acting procures are required that will break down the soiling and dissolve the stains, while being gentle on the fabric upholstery. Our crew have the required skills and experience to apply the right approach for your fabrics sofa cleaning needs. 

Leather sofas too come in different varieties, each requiring their specialised care. The leather is highly sensitive to the pH of the cleaning products that will be used on it. The conventional products used around the house, from the all-purpose cleaners, vinegar, solutions with lemon juice, ammonia-based formulations, all through to DIY hacks like trying to use hair spray to remove stains on the leather, can irrevocably damage the unit. You also don’t want to risk blunders such as overwetting during the DIY fabric sofa cleaning, where one drenches the maternal in too much water than is required, such that the fabric shrinks. Overwetting also causes an increase in the drying time, exposing the furniture to risks of mould and mildew growth.  Colour bleeding, fading of the unit, abrasive tools that wrack the fibres- this is not how you want things to play out. Get the sofa cleaning done to professional standards, and in moments, by enlisting the help of the professionals. 

Your Sofa Didn’t Come Cheap, So It Should Be Protected


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