Your Sofa Needs More Than Just A Vacuum

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Your Sofa Needs More Than Just A Vacuum

Your Sofa Needs More Than Just A Vacuum

Furniture handles traffic on a daily basis. It’s where you hang out with your family, read your favourite blog, take naps on those lazy afternoons, and no doubt the kids enjoy hopping up and down the cushions. When you have guests over for games and a sleepover, there will be loads of snacks enjoyed on those cosy cushions. It’s where you sit as you watch the Prime-Time News and engage your kids on the going-ons in their lives. For those with pets, these furry embers of the family enjoy sleeping on the sofa arm and cushions. So much time is spent on it, yet the sofa is often overlooked when the rest of the house is being cleaned. In fact, most just vacuum it up- yet it still hoards plenty of grime. Here are reasons where regular so cleaning is vital:

Air quality

Whenever the sofa is being used: by sitting on it, lying back with the day’s paper, snuggling up with your significant other, or even moving the cushions around, the disturbed upholstery releases dust into the immediate air space. This dust includes bits of soiling, mould spores, dead skin, dust mite waste and also pet dander. When the allergens get inhaled, they irritate the respiratory system, and trigger immunologic responses. Do you find yourself coughing and sneezing whenever you’re on the sofa? Perhaps you get a blocked nose or watery eyes, symptoms which intensify when you lie back on the furniture. The prime suspect is the agents that are within your furniture. Granted, the absorbent nature of the upholstery aids in filtering out these particles from the surrounding environment. However, this capacity is not infinite. As the concentration of particles within the sofa increases, they will be easily dislodged from the material, affecting those in the immediate vicinity. This drags down the air quality of the room. A deep sofa cleaning where the allergens are completely removed from your unit is needed to maintain an indoor space with clean air. 


With the activity on the sofa- from the movie nights, those times you’ve snacked while chatting with your family and friends, and it’s where you fight off illnesses, gunk builds up in the nooks and crannies of the set. For those with babies, the sofa doubles up as the feeding station and changing table. With pets, the cushions are probably is go-to spot whenever it’s in the house. Due to all this usage, there will be lots of sweat and organic matter in the upholstery. The sweat and body oils get rubbed off the skin whenever it comes into contact with the sofa. This, in turn, is a dirt magnet, trapping more soiling. With the organic matter- from those food crumbs that are in the furniture, the body waste of the insects that feed on them, to dust mite waste and pet fur and dander- this will begin decaying due to microbial action. It results in odours being produced, gradually making your sofa uncomfortable. In some cases, the resultant smell is so pungent that you won’t even want to sit on the sofa- or even stay in the same room- which is the case for pet urine stains on the furniture. These are common for those households with puppies, where the little ones are yet to grasp their house training, Cats and dogs with health problems where one of the symptoms is incontinence can also end up making lots of messes on your unit. It may even be a behavioural issue, where your furry friend feels threatened by a new pet being brought into its environment, and ends up marking its territory all over the cushions. Whichever the case, you don’t want the furniture being left in that condition. The source of the smell is got rid of during the sofa cleaning. Odour neutralisers then come in to tackle the foul stench itself, rendering it inert and also adding a fragrance to the upholstery. That way you get to enjoy using your freshly cleaned sofa. 

Dealing with stains

With the size of the sofa, it has a huge impact on the decor of the room. It can be frustrating when you keep trying to cover up stains with a blanket or a pillow whenever you have company over. Food and drink spills that leave unsightly spots on the furniture, oil-based stains be they from greasy food, hair oils, or body lotion- these all ruin the appearance of your furniture. Red wine and coffee spots are both common and problematic, due to their chemical composition that makes them latch strongly onto the upholstery material. These blemishes, that glaringly clash with the rest of the colour and patterns of the sofa, are a nuisance that you want to be got rid of. Stain removal processes are part and parcel of the professional sofa cleaning. High efficacy products are used, which dissolve the stains.

Lengthen the lifespan of your sofa

Being a pricy purchase, you don’t want to watch it get deteriorated due to dirt and grime that can be got rid of with a deep sofa cleaning. The soiling particles act like sandpaper, grinding down the fibres of the upholstery. The liquid spills, on the other hand, may damage the unit based on the chemical composition of the spill, plus the fabric or leather upholstery. With cases of food crumbs in the furniture, these attract insects- and in some cases rodents, which accelerate the damage that will occur. Coupled with the degradation of the protective treatments that had been applied onto the unit, the furniture gradually loses its appeal, and the structural integrity weakens. This is not how you want things to go. Scheduling regular sofa cleaning services is vital to protect your set. The dirt and grime that is the source of trouble is got rid of. In addition, the upholstery can be treated with protective formulations that increase the dirt and stain resistance of the unit. Upholsteries like leather are conditioned, a process that involves restoring the protective oils that had been lost during normal usage, enabling them to remain soft and supple. 

Your Sofa Needs More Than Just A Vacuum

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  1. Vacuuming and regular hair removal is great. You sofa has to be kept as clean as possible. But after a few months of use and abuse, you will notice that some stains are still there after a quick clean, Time to call the professionals

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